Bio of The Curtoons Cartoon Company


Super Hero CartoonistWelcome to! I’m cartoonist Curtis D. Tucker and I like combining my love of cartooning with my passion of being an Internet entrepreneur. And from time to time I like mixing in a bit of creativity superhero stuff. This combination of interests has led me to create this fun website. If you’ve run across my cartoon designs before you know I have a cartoon illustration website, a collection of single panel comics, a clip art store online and a site that sells royalty free cartoon characters.

I’ve decided it would be a better experience for you, the client, and me the artist, if I brought all of my available designs into one central location. Whelp! That’s exactly what is all about. You’ll now be able to find and purchase humorous illustrations, cartoon clip art and funny characters. Everything on one website and everything in one shopping cart.

A Royalty Free Gold Mine!

My goal is to draw the best cartoon images at the best value. I won’t ever be able to compete with those huge clip art factories like, Shutterstock or And that’s fine with me. I want to bring you unique cartoon designs that cannot be found on all of the other websites. I want you to be one of my Toonheads and will rely on you to send me suggestions on which types of designs you need the most.

I’ll create cartoons for Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, School and characters depicting dogs, frogs, cats, bears, people and more. My royalty free designs are ready to be used on logos, t-shirts, websites, greeting cards and many other forms of marketing materials.

Each design I sell not only comes with high resolution bitmap files but also a commercial vector file. I encourage you to put our cartoon images to the test. Use them in promotions, on outdoor banners, on scruffy old t-shirts and see how well they hold up. They never get tired, they look spiffy at all times and they will give 110% to bring attention to your service or product. This may be due to the super hero dust we mix in with our drawing ink.

Please Help!

Our goal with this website is to bring you the best cartoons possible. We would like to spend our time drawing and making this website better. Because of that, we don’t want to spend our days chasing the Google algorithm for the best rankings and we don’t want to try and trick the search results to get more traffic. Unfortunately if you do not build a website for Google these days you might not get ranked. To help prevent this problem we ask that you bookmark our website, sign up for our email list, post about us on social media and tell your friends. Help us make the world less dependent on Google and spread the word about your favorite websites.

What You’ll Find On This Website

1. Cartoon Clip Art

2. Cute Characters

3. Funny Cartoons

Custom Graphics

Not only can you drop by and instantly purchase some incredible cartoons but I’ll even shoot you a free quote on creating a custom cartoon, character or comic illustration. As part of my cartoon empire I run a little cartoon studio called The Curtoons Cartoon Company. Send me an email with a description of your needs and I’ll whip up a quick quote.

I’ve drawn cartoons for logos, greeting cards, t-shirts designs, newspapers, magazines, website headers, packaging, labels and just about everything else that has room for some type of funny image. Contact me for yours today!