January 11, 2012

Cartoon Pig Clip Art

Uncle Oinky – $39.00

Funny BBQ Pig Chef Character – Vector Art

Description: Cartoon Pig Characters make the ultimate BBQ logo mascots. Our pig chef with hat and oven mitt is perfect for your restaurant, family reunion or BBQ sauce label. He’s funny and ready to work as your mascot. Famous cartoon pigs include Porky Pig, Piglet, Pippo and Miss Piggy.

Uncle Oinky is much cheaper than licensing one of those other expensive cartoon characters plus you can use him on multiple products.

Purchase Uncle Oinky and use him on any promotion for an unlimited period of time. Royalty free characters are perfect for restaurants, contests, t-shirts, sauces and any other BBQ related business. Our fun clip art drawings are exclusive to our website so you won’t see them included in any other large clip art gallery online.

Client Suggestions: BBQ Restaurants, BBQ Sauce creators, T-Shirt Shops, Cookout Contest Hosts

Please read the FAQ’s Page for details on copyrights, royalties and image descriptions.

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