Royalty Free Information


Royalty Free Information

Where is everything? Why aren’t there more cartoons?
First let me say thanks a bazillion for dropping by! The lack of cartoons, characters and clip art is due to the fact that we are in the process of moving all of our royalty free images to this brand new website from other sites. We launched the so that a few people such as yourself might notice us and start spreading the word or at least bookmark us a return very soon.

We will soon have a Facebook page and Twitter handle. We’ll also have a sign up form to collect emails from our loyal followers that would like updates, freebies, tips and other cartoon goodies. Hang tight and we’ll have everything up and running soon. Please don’t forget to bookmark us or link to us because the search engines are no longer showing the most relevant websites for all keywords and we might not show up in some searches.

All the best and thanks again, so much, for stopping by!!

What does royalty free mean in terms of your cartoon images?
“Royalty-free” is a cartoon image license that allows for the unlimited use of a cartoon, character or clip art in any media defined in the licensing terms. Royalty free is the opposite of limited or managed rights. A managed royalty on an image leads to a specific license stating the exact audience and material that image can be used on. Some royalties even specify a limited amount of time in which an images can be used. All the images on are royalty free and do not require any individual licenses. Our cartoon images are bound by our terms of service.